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Cheese Knives 101: Flat Cheese Knife

Cheese Knives 101: Flat Cheese Knife

Jan 14, 2020 - Ravara Products

Did you guys know that cheese is better served with its own set of cheese knives? No joke!

Did you also know that, depending on which cheese you're serving, certain knives work better than others?

To better guarantee that our audience has a great experience 'cutting the cheese', we wanted to take the time to identify some of the more popular cheese knives, and which cheeses they pair best with.

The first cheese knife on our list is the Flat Cheese Knife

Flat Cheese Knife

The flat cheese knife is the most common cheese knife that can be found in any cheese connoisseur's kitchen. Although the flat cheese knife is common, it's purpose isn't always clear and obvious.

This knife is better used for cutting or dividing soft, crumbly cheese. You can also use this knife to chisel and shave down harder, more dense cheeses. Also, keep in mind that the bottom edge of the knife is the sharp edge. So, the cutting motion will always be downward.

Well, now that you know all about the flat cheese knife, why don't you pick up a cheese knife set of your own and try it out!

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